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Little White Chapel on the Hill

The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect...and nothing at all what I planned.

I woke up in the morning with a sizable pimple on my jaw. I forgot to bring toothpaste to the hotel. We didn't even have a can of hairspray! Nevertheless, my army of stylists (aka: my sweet sisters, with some help from auntie Annette) still made me look like a rockstar.

My mother drove with me to the temple, and I was calm. Josh was late, but it didn't phase me. After all, if we survived the marriage license debacle, we could survive anything.

I can't say much about the temple ceremony as it is sacred, private and personal. I will say, however, that Josh got rather romantic as we were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

We met with the temple worker who was performing our ceremony, and covered some logistics, after which we were left alone to wait for the sealing to begin. The room was mostly empty, aside from several couches, a few paintings, and one massive clock on the wall. We tried to av…

Sin City

Even though I feel like we are an old married couple, Josh and I have not been married very long at all -- just under two months, in fact -- and it occurred to me today that I haven't written down a single thing about my wedding day, or my marriage. So, for the sake of posterity. Here I go.

In my nineteen long years of life, I have been to my fair share of weddings. Each of my four older siblings is married, so I am no newbie to the wedding planning game. Because of my prior experience with weddings, I was pretty much Josh's dream bride. I really only wanted three things:

1. To marry Joshua D. Bishop
2. To be married in the Las Vegas, Nevada LDS Temple
3. To have a small lunch after the ceremony with our family and close friends

I never wanted a big diamond ring, or a fluffy white dress, or a fancy reception where I would have to shake hands with hundreds of people I don't even know. Luckily, Josh didn't want any of those things either. So, we did it our way!

We had n…