Little White Chapel on the Hill

The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect...and nothing at all what I planned.

I woke up in the morning with a sizable pimple on my jaw. I forgot to bring toothpaste to the hotel. We didn't even have a can of hairspray! Nevertheless, my army of stylists (aka: my sweet sisters, with some help from auntie Annette) still made me look like a rockstar.

My mother drove with me to the temple, and I was calm. Josh was late, but it didn't phase me. After all, if we survived the marriage license debacle, we could survive anything.

I can't say much about the temple ceremony as it is sacred, private and personal. I will say, however, that Josh got rather romantic as we were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

We met with the temple worker who was performing our ceremony, and covered some logistics, after which we were left alone to wait for the sealing to begin. The room was mostly empty, aside from several couches, a few paintings, and one massive clock on the wall. We tried to avoid the clock, but it was useless. It was looming down on us. The single most important moment of our lives was merely minutes away and all we could do was wait.

We sat in silence, aside from my occasional reminder of just how much time was left until we would be married for time and all eternity. "Five minutes, Josh...Five minutes!" I said. He replied with the most romantic sentiment to have ever left his lips.
"Stop counting down! My goodness, this must be what it feels like to be on death row..."
Ah, amour.
We shared a smile, and a kiss.
Three minutes.
Then, much to my surprise, Josh stood up off the couch. "Emilee," he said, "I never officially proposed to you." He knelt down in the temple waiting room.
Two minutes now. 
I rolled my eyes as he asked for my hand in marriage.

Just then, the temple worker returned and told us it was time.

I will never forget the privilege it was to kneel across the alter from my sassy brit and covenant with him forever.

When the ceremony was over, we hugged our family and friends and thanked them for coming. Our hearts were full.
The Keeles
(Lily's face in this picture KILLS ME. She was so cold. Poor baby)

The Bishops!

Oh yes, also we actually have 4 children...
(Nieces & Nephews)

However, a few more unfortunate situations arose.
1. My dear grandmother fell ill the night before the wedding and thus spent the entire week in the hospital
2. My great uncle passed away and, coincidentally, his funeral was held on the day of the wedding.
3. I forgot my slip and everything to do my hair the way I had planned
4. Josh forgot his tie
5. We got locked inside the temple, making our "grand exit" actually very awkward
"Um...the doors are locked..."

Which brings me to Wedding Planning for Idiots tip #2: Don't sweat the small stuff. Life (and death) happens. You'll get a zit. Your dress won't fit. But, if at the end of the day, you are married to the one you love, your wedding day was a success.

All photography by the beautiful, talented Tenille Holyoak!
I am obviously ridiculously happy with how the pictures turned out.


  1. congrats!! im wondering,,how doyou get this creamy look for your photos? They look stunning :)

    1. Thank you! All of our photos were taken by Tenille Holyoak Photography!


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