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Even though I feel like we are an old married couple, Josh and I have not been married very long at all -- just under two months, in fact -- and it occurred to me today that I haven't written down a single thing about my wedding day, or my marriage. So, for the sake of posterity. Here I go.

In my nineteen long years of life, I have been to my fair share of weddings. Each of my four older siblings is married, so I am no newbie to the wedding planning game. Because of my prior experience with weddings, I was pretty much Josh's dream bride. I really only wanted three things:

1. To marry Joshua D. Bishop
2. To be married in the Las Vegas, Nevada LDS Temple
3. To have a small lunch after the ceremony with our family and close friends

I never wanted a big diamond ring, or a fluffy white dress, or a fancy reception where I would have to shake hands with hundreds of people I don't even know. Luckily, Josh didn't want any of those things either. So, we did it our way!

We had nine long months of engagement to plan our nuptials, but as neither of us had any big plans, we were pretty lazy about the whole thing. Probably the second most stressful debacle to occur prior to the wedding involved my dress. As I said, I never cared for the big white princess wedding dress, and through lots of researching I found what I really wanted.

It was short. It was blue. It was beautiful.
It was also only available online.
BUT. It was only $100.

I ordered came...and it fit! It was perfect. Until I gained about 20 pounds.
post-boob explosion. feeling like pam anderson in the worst way.

The dress still fit, and fortunately almost all of the weight went straight to my boobs, but I just didn't feel pretty anymore.

So, three weeks before the wedding, I was in search of a new dress. Mother, sisters and I hit the mall like it was our job, and I found a suitable replacement! Two, actually. And yes, I bought them both.
I understand it's a little crazy to buy three wedding dresses, but in my defense, all three dresses totaled less than $250.

No ragrets.


After the dress was sorted out, things were going smoothly. Christmas came and went, we all traveled down to Las Vegas, and everything was set for the big day. Or, so I thought.

10:00 pm on Monday, December 28, the night before the wedding, Josh and I were at dinner with our parents when I had a gut wrenching realization.

We forgot to purchase the marriage license. 

I immediately broke into tears in the middle of the restaurant. What the hell were we going to do? We had nine months to plan this wedding, and of all the things to forget! The marriage license!

Thankfully, all was not lost. Thankfully, Josh indulged my twelve year old dream of being married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thankfully, Vegas caters to irresponsible, last-minute wedding plans.

And, so, at 11:30 pm on a Monday -- the night before our wedding -- Josh and I mosied on down to the Clark County 24-hour Bureau of Marriage office to obtain a marriage license. Seriously. (Related: there was a drive-thru chapel directly across the street).

I was obviously still flustered from my full fledged panic attack, and we had to start over on the paperwork three times. The security guard was a grumpy old man who made fun of us every time we threw away the papers and started over. We loved him.
The best part of this experience was the lady at the window when we finally finished filling everything out. We tried making small talk, but she was just not having it. After we dotted all the I's, she stamped our certificate and unenthusiastically said: "Congratulations, you two. That will be $77."

It was the best.

This brings me to Wedding Planning for Idiots tip #1:
Don't forget the license. OR, if you're a complete idiot like us Bishops tend to be, plan for such detrimental mistakes to occur, and book your wedding in Sin City.

This concludes Part One of the wedding story.


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