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What a week it has been. 
Josh has a tooth that has been bothering him for almost a year.  His filling fell out last spring, and we don't have dental insurance so we kept putting off the replacement.  As time went on, his pain increased until one night it got so bad he was literally in tears.   It terrified me, so we resolved that we would get him into a dentist as soon as we had the funds set aside.  
But the pain lessened, and the funds never came -- we're college students! -- so we put it on the back burner once again.  
That is, until last Friday when the pain returned two fold.  He could't eat, he could barely open his mouth without whimpering in pain.  Unfortunately, it was a long weekend, as it always is in dental emergencies.  It wasn't until Wednesday that they could finally fit him in to see a dentist.  
We were given two options: root canal or extraction. Did I mention that we're poor?  And also the tooth in question is a back molar, so we we're too conc…

one of many.

Josh and I don't really subscribe to the notion of romantic holidays. We don't do many of the "usual" romantic things.

We celebrated our first anniversary in December, (driving with my entire family. #romance) and it caused me to reflect on how peculiar just about every aspect of our relationship has been.

Things went fast when Josh and I started dating. In two weeks, we were saying "I love you" and two weeks after that, we discussed the prospect of marriage.

"I've been praying about it," Josh said, "and I think i'm supposed to marry you."

"Yeah, I get that feeling, to..." I replied.

"Holy shit" he whispered.

We stayed up late that night talking about our hopes and aspirations. We had only known each other for a number of weeks, but as from the beginning, it felt like we had been best friends for much longer. Forever, in fact.

I knew I wanted to marry Josh. Not only did he feel like family from the moment we met, but…