meet the bishops.

Hello! My name is Emilee Bishop. At least, that's what it is on Facebook. Legally, my name is still Keele, and it probably will be forever--not out of feminist protest but sheer laziness. Because that's just who I am.

I watch too much Netflix, eat way too much pizza, and bake far too many cookies. My house is rarely tidy, and my decorative style is best described as "eclectic." My favorite self descriptor is "champion of mediocrity."

I have two prominent nicknames: Hobo Pete and Granny Em. The former was bestowed upon me my freshman year of college when I did not purchase my own groceries even one time--I literally lived on Taco Bell leftovers and expired spaghetti. I got food poisoning a lot.

The latter comes from my crafty demeanor and all-around old soul. I took up crochet during a particularly bad bout of mono and it has been a passion ever since. I've considered selling my creations, but I've found that crafts are way more fun when I have someone in mind to gift them too, like one of my six nieces or nephews.

The husband is named Josh, and yes, he is from England. People always assume that I was first attracted to him because of his accent. People are wrong. The first thing I noticed about Josh was his booty (it's poppin), and then his ubiquitous sass. We fell in love to conversations about Karl Marx and the underlying communistic themes of the Lego Movie.

Josh is an artist, a musician, and a historian. He's Bernini with a brush; He's Lindsay Buckingham with a guitar; He's so humble (and shy) you would never know. He is practical, paternal, patient, and everything else I am not.

We are pretentious college students braving the icy tundra that is Rexburg, Idaho. When we first met, Josh was studying illustration but has since changed paths to Art History with the intention to become a university professor. He can ramble for hours about Mesopotamian art and culture, so I'd say he is perfectly suited for the career.

I started out in music, changed my major about a dozen times, and now I am settled on History and Humanities . . . at least, for today. I have a career transcribing for the deaf and hard of hearing, and it's the best job in the world.

Josh and I have been married for 1 year, 1 month and 7 days, and it has been all sunshine and rainbows, just like every other relationship you see on social media. ;) Someday we'll have a million babies, uterus permitting, and each one will be a sassy monster like the two of us. They don't stand a chance. I can't wait.


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