Sometimes the stresses in life pile one on top of another until I am certain I am going to suffocate under the pressure. One by one, over the last few weeks, each of these stresses has been lifted, and it feels SO GOOD TO BREATHE. There came a point last week where we got some good news and I immediately began sobbing, dropped to my knees and thanked my God for watching out for me.

There's nothing like a bitter cold winter to make you bask in the summer sun.

So here's how life is going:

+Josh finished off winter semester really strong! He took some really difficult classes, and we didn't think he was going to pass one of them, which is stressful enough as it is, but when you add the fact that his visa is dependent on his school performance and if he failed he would've been deported... Never have I been so delighted at such a mediocre grade! Josh passed, and he gets to stay in the country! Hurray!

+I started school again after a one-year hiatus, and I was very very anxious. I've never been a great student, despite my love of learning, and I'm so out of practice, I thought for sure I would completely fail. Compared to my expectations, I am doing great! There's really only one class I like, and that is World History. It is also the hardest class I have ever taken. I had the opportunity to take the class from one of the coolest professors I have ever met and I just could not pass up the opportunity, even though I knew it would be a struggle. We are three weeks into the semester, and so far we have already read, written papers about and been tested on three different ancient literary works.

I suck at reading. 

(No, seriously, I was recently tested for ADHD and the doctor was like, "wow, this is pretty severe, you must have a really hard time in school" and I just laughed and said, I thought I was just lazy... But that's a different story. )

This class is so so hard, but so rewarding and I am doing so well and I'm really proud of myself, so. Boom. History is 100% the major for me. (Even if I suck at reading).

+Also within the last few months, Josh and I paid off all of our debts (other than student loans... that will be the day) and that is LIBERATING, let me tell you! My anxiety likes to make my thoughts spiral out of control until I'm certain every knock on the door is a collections officer or someone coming to bust my knee caps... And our debt was not nearly that significant. haha! Still, it's nice to know that the money I am earning can start to go toward savings. Which brings me to a very exciting thing we are saving for...

Josh hasn't seen his family since our wedding, and he hasn't been home for Christmas in almost 5 years. Needless to say, his family is pretty dang excited, and I'm excited to get to know my in-laws better, not to mention LONDON DURING CHRISTMASTIME? It's going to be so magical, I might die.


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